Microfibre Cleaning Towels 6 Pack

SIL427579 Sprayer

Bottle 500ml







Designed to safely clean without using water or shampoo. A blend of surfactants, wetting agents and lubricants emulsifys dirt, grime and contaminants lifting them from the surface. Wipe away safely, leaving a streak free shiny finish.

Showroom Magic is suitable for paintwork, chrome, glass, plastics, vinyl, wheels and most hard surfaces. One of the best glass cleaners we have ever seen!!

Can be used directly on to a dirty vehicle or used as a “Quick Polish” after washing. Use 2 microfibre cloths, surface can be dry or damp suitable for light to moderate dirt. Spray as little as possible (do not over apply) onto the panel/window. Spread + Wipe over area. Swap to a clean cloth and buff haze to a shine.

(Not suitable for under-foot surfaces)

Businesses can use as a quick body polish, glass cleaner, interior and exterior plastic cleaner, great on alloy wheels.

Home use - as above plus brilliant on windows, glass cabinets, TV stands, shower tiles, cooker tops, chrome, aluminium products plus much more.

Introducing The NEW Showroom Magic 5 Litre

Multi-surface Cleaner / Quick Polish

Guaranteed Results At Work & Home

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